The study found that nano silicon dioxide can be involved in cellular function regulation
Time:2016-08-19     Anthor:fchx

Chinese academy of sciences Shanghai institute of life science college nutrition science hai-yun song group and Shanghai institute of applied physics, Chinese academy of sciences say chunhai fan group cooperation, found the cytotoxicity of silica nanoparticles in does not produce dose range, can induce the degradation of Wnt signaling molecules Dvl access, interference Wnt signaling and target gene expression, which affects the Wnt signaling pathways mediating important physiological and pathological process.Related to the study, published online yesterday in the diagnostics of treatment.

Excellent characteristics of nanomaterials, and novel functions in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics, and other fields have broad application prospects.At the same time, its biological effect and biological safety needs comprehensive evaluation.Silica nanoparticles has good biocompatibility, and therefore is widely used as a biological carrier.Because of silica is a common food additives, whether the nanoscale silicon dioxide can be used in the food industry is also in focus.

The researchers found that the silica nanoparticles interferes with the passing of Wnt signaling, which affect the adipocyte differentiation, cancer cell migration and biological processes such as zebrafish embryo development.Silica nanoparticles is a form of similar signal transduction factors affect the Wnt signaling pathways, cell endocytosis of silica nanoparticles can cause Wnt signaling molecules Dvl access into the lysosome and degradation, and other signaling molecules in the Wnt pathway is not affected.

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