The future gas phase will have three silica chemical industry development direction
Time:2016-08-26     Anthor:fchx

It is reported that on the night of August 22, 2016 semi-annual report released chemical enterprise, with the advancement of national supply side reform policies and measures, industry to effect of the initial capacity.At the same time, due to India, southeast Asia and other emerging market demand is growing rapidly, the gas phase silica increased exports, China gas phase silica 1 - export quantity year-on-year growth of 28.04% in June, the June monthly year-on-year growth of 44.48%, the gas phase silica industry appeared a cyclical recovery, the domestic market has experienced the "seven", laid a more reasonable in the first half of the market price movements.

By the municipal utilities category to environmental management category transformation.Agile in gas phase silica industry in China from the municipal public utilities ShangChangHua reform at the turn of the century, after more than ten years, municipal utilities category mall now tend to be full, followed the environment the change of the situation and the national policy guidance, chemical company business scope is gradually to industrial pollution management, rural environment induces environmental category such as open the whole category.From the domestic market to international market transformation.Equipment built in recent years, with the domestic environment foundation accelerated, mall was full, our country environment with commodities and engineering construction to an urgent need to develop new market, the gas phase silica industrial internationalization to develop into a kind of inevitable choice, our country together in the water treatment, solid waste treatment, atmospheric management has accumulated rich experience of building and operating, has the category complete technology, cultivate a group of market competitive chemical industry leading companies.All of our chemical company open up international market laid a solid foundation.

In recent years, some large gas phase silica chemical company after the merger of the leap-forward development, also improve the industry concentration.In addition, through mergers and acquisitions and investment operations, chemical company can combine with agile form industrial chain, product line, improve the level of technical service, agile preempted market commanding heights.

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